The Rules

The success of any plan depends on the consistent application of a simple set of rules. By documenting these rules I hope to achieve QualityRepeatability and Consistency. As we are talking about Mr. Market here, I can only dream of Predictability.


  • stock is included in the TSX60 index.  Check iShares for current composition (composition may change)
  • exclude Income Trust conversions.
  • exclude gold miners
  • select 5 bottom issues from top 6 yielding companies

Dividend Champions

  • yield is > 3%
  • dividend growth is > 7%
  • candidates have grown dividends for >= 10 years
  • payout is < 60% of FCF
  • candidates PE should be in and around the 10 year average
  • 5-yr CAGR + Yield = target Total Return

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