Avoiding Mediocrity

A fool and his money are soon parted, or so the proverb goes. I can’t think of anyone that has not heard some version of it and yet it surprises me still when I stumble across someone proposing to take you by the hand, leading you from the frying pan into the fire. And so it was that this past week I ran across two post within a day of each other, one advising you that you ain’t got what it takes to pick a stock so buy ETFs, and the other presenting a keeping-it-simple how-to.

When Canadians say “I’m sorry”, it’s followed by the word “asshole” in a pitch only other Canadians can hear — @lloydrang

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With apologies to cat owners

There’s more than one way to skin that cat:

My personal approach to wealth and beating the Financial Industrial Complex is through what I have referred to in this blog as the Dogs of the TSX method. While I recognise the inherent risk of high degrees of concentration in certain industries – financials during the 2008 crisis, for example – it has worked for me historically and I am loathe to change. Continue reading

Meditations, or, goin’ stoic on that Market

Whether you are a DIY investor, or currently still supporting an “advisor”, there comes a time – likely within 6 months of your most recent investment – that you find yourself doubting your sanity, or intelligence or stomach for all the excitement that Mr. Market has to offer. Continue reading