Your Sell Strategy, or: How to Suck the Joy out of Investing

The part I enjoy most about this Vector for Invective (blog) is the fact that the Financial Industrial Complex and the media that breathlessly feeds at its trough provides such a target rich environment for my vitriol; sadly I lack both the time and depth of vocabulary to truly do their vapid pronouncements justice.

“Markets declined today in a wave of profit taking”

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Avoiding Mediocrity

A fool and his money are soon parted, or so the proverb goes. I can’t think of anyone that has not heard some version of it and yet it surprises me still when I stumble across someone proposing to take you by the hand, leading you from the frying pan into the fire. And so it was that this past week I ran across two post within a day of each other, one advising you that you ain’t got what it takes to pick a stock so buy ETFs, and the other presenting a keeping-it-simple how-to.

When Canadians say “I’m sorry”, it’s followed by the word “asshole” in a pitch only other Canadians can hear — @lloydrang

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Repost: Why the Individual can Beat the Institution Every Time

Today, have a look at Thomas Beevers post Why the Individual can Beat the Institution Every Time; for all my ham-fisted rants, it is comforting to have an industry insider cite the common reasons for your mutual funds’ abysmal performance, and hence, why your chances to do better are so much greater.

Follow him; I do.

5 Things Investors Can Ignore

It’s a brief read, but Peter Hodson’s recent article in the Financial Post is a must read. Each point deserves a whole-hearted “yes, yes, dammit yes”!

I’ll allow myself one excerpt:

For every expert out there who thinks the market is going up, there is likely an equally smart person who thinks the market is going down.

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