Your Sell Strategy, or: How to Suck the Joy out of Investing

The part I enjoy most about this Vector for Invective (blog) is the fact that the Financial Industrial Complex and the media that breathlessly feeds at its trough provides such a target rich environment for my vitriol; sadly I lack both the time and depth of vocabulary to truly do their vapid pronouncements justice.

“Markets declined today in a wave of profit taking”

Really? And what inspired the buyers? Continue reading


“What to do??”

Years ago I had a Russian on my team; endowed with great technical skills, he would still periodically find himself with a dilemma, perhaps with a choice of differing approaches to resolution. He would come to me and lay out the problem, describe the various solutions, Continue reading

2013 Portfolio Update

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It will be 12 years this May since neglect of my RSP holdings forced me to take action, sell off an over-sized foreign holding and finally buy in to my DOGS of the TSX theory. If you’ll recall from a previous post, I adapted the DOGS of the Dow strategy to the – at that time – TSX100 Composite index, now the S&P/TSX 60. The Dogs of the Dow is a stock-picking strategy in which one buys the top 10 best yielding companies in the Dow Jones Industrial 30, in equal number, and re-balances annually.

In my application, I invested equal sums in 5 of the top six yielding companies on the TSX, re-balanced and re-invested dividends annually, on the anniversary.

It was based on the performance of this method that I chose an early retirement.