Investing from within the Echo Chamber

I love my DOGS. Everyone gets that knowing when to sell a stock is much tougher than picking the one to buy (or it is identified as one of the great shortcomings of the individual investor). Yeah, yeah, we make it easy for ourselves: simply buy high, sell low, right? And that is the exact reason why I love my DOGS: buy/sell decisions are based on my simplistic calendar and spreadsheet methodology. Is it November? Check. Is this stock Continue reading


2013 Portfolio Update – May 6, 2014

updated 6 May, 2014

updated 6 May, 2014

For the sake of complete transparency, and in order to make my point that it is entirely possible to beat, on average, the performance of most products issued by the mutual fund industry, I strive to provide portfolio updates, and will continue to do so. In good years and in bad. The last 5 years have been good, in fact excellent as I have shown here. Continue reading

Back to the Fork, or, Plan ‘C’ anyone?

“Erstens kommt es anders, zweitens als man denkt” –German Proverb

Seems like just yesterday that, in a fit of pique, I pulled my personal John Galt and decided to take my intellectual capital and my toys and go home. Having discovered that recent job interviews were mere unpaid consulting gigs to feed junior in-house resources, I took a snit and decided to retire early. Way early. Hence the title of this blog. And in just under a year since the inspiration, and a little over six month since making the move, I find myself “redirected”. I remember my FB entry that day: “Came to the fork in the road; taking it”.

“Man plans, God laughs” –Yiddish proverb

Continue reading

“What to do??”

Years ago I had a Russian on my team; endowed with great technical skills, he would still periodically find himself with a dilemma, perhaps with a choice of differing approaches to resolution. He would come to me and lay out the problem, describe the various solutions, Continue reading

By way of introduction…

I came to the world of investing quite easily through my employment at, what was at that time, one of the leading technology companies; we were leaders in internet-based technologies and our DNA was “connected”. My day was spent online long before Microsoft acknowledged The Internet, around the time that Marc Andreessen unleashed this thing called a browser on unsuspecting geeks. Continue reading