Repost: Why the Individual can Beat the Institution Every Time

Today, have a look at Thomas Beevers post Why the Individual can Beat the Institution Every Time; for all my ham-fisted rants, it is comforting to have an industry insider cite the common reasons for your mutual funds’ abysmal performance, and hence, why your chances to do better are so much greater.

Follow him; I do.


Chevron reports Q1’14 results

In somewhat belated news, Chevron – one of my core holdings – reported Q1 numbers that were down from the previous periods and missed expectations. Investors, or rather analysts were looking for $2.47 on $54.B in revenue versus the reality of $2.36 from $53.3B. That translated to a drop of 6% in revenue while profits fell by 27%. Continue reading

Tabula Rasa, or, After the Reset

The key to success of any plan or project is not only complete understanding of all stakeholders, but also their 100% support. Support, once offered, may not falter or soften. I know this all too well after 25 years or so supporting technology customers, some with multi-million dollars worth of infrastructure on the line. I thought that I was kinda good at this, thought that I understood the risks and how to communicate them. Continue reading

My Personal 4-Bagger

You can’t imagine the trouble I’ve managed to get myself into with English idioms; being a fresh-off-the-boat, ESL type, so many -isms come along just trying to force my faceplant. My good friends educate and help me along, mere acquaintances  merely cringe. But before I go too far down the side road of my unintentional racisms, I will explain the ‘x’-bagger. Continue reading

OT: Momma Sed …

With my Q2 turning to complete shit, and with nothing but utter respect to Maynard James Keenan, frontman for Tool, A Perfect Circle, and this Puscifer song, I find myself finding some solace here:

Wake up, son of mine
Momma got something to tell you
Changes come
Life will have it’s way
With your pride, son
Take it like a man

Hang on, son of mine
A storm is blowing up your horizon

Changes come
Keep your dignity
Take the high road
Take it like a man

Listen up, son of mine
Momma got something to tell you
All about growing pains
Life will pound away
Where the light don’t shine, son
Take it like a man

Suck it up, son of mine
Thunder blowing up your horizon

Changes come (Changes come)
Keep your dignity (Keep your dignity)
Take the high road (Take the high road)
Take it like a man (Take it like a man)

Momma said like the rain (This, too, shall pass)
Like a kidney stone (This, too, shall pass)
It’s just a broken heart, son
This pain will pass away

It bloody well better pass …

2013 Portfolio Update – May 6, 2014

updated 6 May, 2014

updated 6 May, 2014

For the sake of complete transparency, and in order to make my point that it is entirely possible to beat, on average, the performance of most products issued by the mutual fund industry, I strive to provide portfolio updates, and will continue to do so. In good years and in bad. The last 5 years have been good, in fact excellent as I have shown here. Continue reading

Back to the Fork, or, Plan ‘C’ anyone?

“Erstens kommt es anders, zweitens als man denkt” –German Proverb

Seems like just yesterday that, in a fit of pique, I pulled my personal John Galt and decided to take my intellectual capital and my toys and go home. Having discovered that recent job interviews were mere unpaid consulting gigs to feed junior in-house resources, I took a snit and decided to retire early. Way early. Hence the title of this blog. And in just under a year since the inspiration, and a little over six month since making the move, I find myself “redirected”. I remember my FB entry that day: “Came to the fork in the road; taking it”.

“Man plans, God laughs” –Yiddish proverb

Continue reading