Tabula Rasa, or, After the Reset

The key to success of any plan or project is not only complete understanding of all stakeholders, but also their 100% support. Support, once offered, may not falter or soften. I know this all too well after 25 years or so supporting technology customers, some with multi-million dollars worth of infrastructure on the line. I thought that I was kinda good at this, thought that I understood the risks and how to communicate them.

I read others’ blogs; frequently they stray off-topic, some get intensely personal. I do not wish this post or any part of my blog to read as my personal diary. I want to provide

you can't buy this kind of audience

you can’t buy this kind of audience

support to anyone wishing to take on the Industrial Financial Complex, along with my own methodologies and performance. So it was that 6 months ago my bio belonged to that of a recent retiree. Today, after an unexpected and undesired return to the Wet Coast – yeah, it still rains here – I find myself once again in the job market.

I offer this disclosure for no other reason than to keep it real. My plan to generate enough dividend income to support my family and recently awakened interests is still intact, but the “numbers” will change. My cashflow will change, hence my requirements for income, but my interest in keeping it as simple as possible – for anyone to follow – is still intact. Understanding my new budget, absorbing the costs of 2 major moves in six months along with replacement furnishings and automobile (it’s dead Jim) will take a bit of time; then: The Reset.

I have nobody to blame but myself. My plan was sound and yet not acceptable (accepted). I should have read the room better.

Now, dear Reader, for the professional me, check out at

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