Back to the Fork, or, Plan ‘C’ anyone?

“Erstens kommt es anders, zweitens als man denkt” –German Proverb

Seems like just yesterday that, in a fit of pique, I pulled my personal John Galt and decided to take my intellectual capital and my toys and go home. Having discovered that recent job interviews were mere unpaid consulting gigs to feed junior in-house resources, I took a snit and decided to retire early. Way early. Hence the title of this blog. And in just under a year since the inspiration, and a little over six month since making the move, I find myself “redirected”. I remember my FB entry that day: “Came to the fork in the road; taking it”.

“Man plans, God laughs” –Yiddish proverb

In my six months of retirement and blogging, I’ve been reading Seeking Alpha for investment advice, Mr. Money Moustache and The Cash Cow Couple for interesting budget ideas; I had a handle on how long it would take to draw down my RRSP, while my Retirement Funds grew through dividend re-investing; I knew what to expect from my Canada Pension Plan and that of my spouse. Everything is still in place, only the starting line has moved. Yet again.

Maybe this is semi-retirement. Maybe it’s back to the grind, but if anything, I now understand the terms, and have a much better handle on what I need to make this all successful. I will miss this place though.

This blog is still about my method to beat the crap out of the Financial Industrial Complex,Lake Windermere even if it no longer issues from my Adirondack chair with a growler of Arrowhead Black Jack stout at my side to inspire me. So, stay tuned; portfolio updates will still appear even if the astonishing beauty of my view is vastly diminished. I will still rant as the market and it’s various vapid pundits warrant.


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