Happy Birthday, Baby Bull

I expect it won’t be long now until the Financial Industrial Complex touts start trotting stellar performance numbers for their mutual funds, as this past week marked the 5-year anniversary that the markets bounced off lows created by the Financial Debacle. Before you get all warm and fuzzy, or whatever adjectives describe euphoria for you let me just throw a few numbers out (I’d love to do this in a right proper table, but I don’t know how quite yet, but soon?)

5 Years Ago – CAGR (Total Return)

Dow Jones Industrial – 19.8% (145%)
S&P 500 – 22.3% (172%)
NASDAQ – 27.3% (230%)
TSX – 13.6% (88%)
Beric’s DOGs – 25.0% (159%)
 So yeah, like the Sage of Omaha stated so often, “Rising tide lifts all ships”.

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Baby Bull

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