Your Mileage May Vary

“pray that nothing goes wrong in the 40 years of career work that it will take to get yourself enough savings to enjoy a brief retirement”

    –Mr. Money Moustache

Trolling financial blogs, I recently came across Mr. Money Moustache, the blog of a young professional who had concluded that once once his budget was covered 25 times over – or his budget had been reduced to 4% of his financial holdings – he would retire from professional life. By the time he reached 30 he did just that. Recently married with new child he stepped back from the rat race and started enjoying life …

This is the other aspect and a key to getting you to retirement, that go, no-go point. For me, it was the realisation that once I deploy the equity in my home, and that life outside the big city would reduce my costs by 60%, that I would be able to step back from a dead-end career path and get some enjoyment out of my life.

If you have stumbled across my blog, and you’re thinking ‘I’m so tired of work stuff’, I encourage you to stay tuned to my rants and random thoughts on putting your money to work (while you play), but also check out Mr. Money Moustache for his methods of reducing the outflow:

“Your current middle-class life is an Exploding Volcano of Wastefulness, and by learning to see the truth in this statement, you will easily be able to cut your expenses in half – leaving you saving half of your income.”

    –Mr Money Moustache

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