You know the end is nigh

I believe I mentioned that I may periodically rant, especially when I come across something so idiotic that it borders on the criminal: and so, perhaps I should inaugurate the first monthly – some period anyway  – Journalistic Darwin Award. I welcome a better name.

So, while likely an urban myth, I recall the tale of JD Rockefeller, on the way to work stopping for a shoe shine; the shoe shine boy thought it appropriate to pass on a stock tip to Mr. Rockefeller, prompting him to take immediate action. Certain that if even shoe shine boys are now “in the market”, it was high time to bail. The year was 1928.

It is against this background that I feel that by the time the “mainstream media” gets on a story, or, by the time that analysts “jump the shark” – AAPL at $1500 anyone – opportunities are made. And it is against this background that I offer the following Wall Street Journal piece entitled Keep Emergency Fund in Cash or Invest.

‘Cos, well, you know, the market always goes up, eh?

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